Why the latest American spacecraft flew to the ISS

Spaceship Cockpit will not be able to dock with the ISS. This was announced by Director of NASA, James Breidenstein during the press conference. The reasons for the failure are specified. Despite the fact that the apparatus fails to perform its primary mission and to reach the space station, he will try to return to Earth unharmed. Experts hope that the device will be able to put on the range white Sands in new Mexico.

Почему новейший американский космический корабль не долетел до МКС

It seems that the astronauts on the International space station will be left without gifts for Christmas. The ship’s Cockpit, which was supposed to “deliver” on the station, stuck in path and will not be able to get to the goal.

This is a pilot launch, which was to confirm the effectiveness of the new ships, developed by Boeing for NASA. They are designed for a crew of 7 people and is able to achieve a soft landing.

This launch was the first of its kind. The ship was launched today from Baikonur Canaveral in Florida and should be to reach the goal by December 21. He was carrying more than 200 kilograms of cargo, and one “passenger”, which was the dummy, named Rosie. A mannequin equipped with sensors to understand how much load will be in this ship.

Back to earth the ship was supposed to go after eight days. If successful was planned the next phase of testing – a manned mission with a crew of three astronauts.

The reasons for the failure of the mission at the moment specified. Among the major versions: the fuel consumption and failures with the engines. If blame engines, it is bad news for NASA, because they need to be involved in the planting machine at the range white Sands in new Mexico.

It will also be an important test phase, because the soft landing will ensure the life and health of future crew members, but if everything here goes according to plan, relative to the ship’s Cockpit will have a lot of questions.

In any case, the “Boeing” and its offspring have a long debriefing. But this is unlikely to be able to please the astronauts and cosmonauts currently in orbit. In a mission to the ISS includes Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg skripochka of Russia, Jessica Meir, Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan from the United States and Italian Luca Parmitano. They will have this year to celebrate the holidays without gifts.


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