Scientists told about the dangers of night mode on the smartphone

Ученые рассказали об опасности ночного режима на смартфоне

Night mode on smartphones, using a protection from blue light affects the circadian rhythms of the body, found researchers from the University of Manchester. Their findings are published on the website of the institution.

The researchers decided to test the hypothesis that the spectrum is yellow, which configures the phone screens when switching to dark mode, can harm the biological clock.

The science team conducted an experiment with laboratory mice, which showed that the warm color night mode resemble daylight and enter the body astray. Such radiation is bad for sleep and can cause more harm than good.

At the same time, cool blue spectrum characteristic of normal gadgets, more familiar to the body. According to scientists, in this case, the dream is not too negative effects.

“In fact, the blue color associated with twilight, have a weaker effect than white or yellow light the same brightness,” said one of the authors Tim brown.

He noted that the melanopsin photopigment involved in the vision process and the regulation of circadian rhythms, responds to brightness changes, and the ratio of short and long wavelengths of light. Night mode smartphones focus on the second component, that is, change the color of light. As emphasized by brown is not the best approach, even while maintaining reasonable brightness.

“The study showed that the reduction of our biological clock in accordance with the day mode and the work schedule can be good for health. The correct use of colour can help in this,” he concluded.


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