New details about Mangrove opened fire at the Lubyanka

In Podolsk in the night from 19 to 20 December, law enforcement officers raided the apartment of Eugene Manyurova, who is in Moscow on Lubyanka was trying to “attack” the FSB and was killed. Russia’s investigative Committee is trying to work out several versions of his act from its involvement in the provocation to the psychological disorders of the hand.

Yesterday, December 19, in Moscow, on Lubyanka square during the shooting of Menurow wounded several bystanders, one of whom died, informs resource with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

It is known that the shooter was engaged in legal activities, and even advised the business people. After some time had worked in various security agencies. He was 39 years old.

Received higher education in Russian Academy of justice. Good at shooting firearms and more than once occupied prize-winning places at competitions. He had no military training.

At the time of the attack when Mangrove had a hunting carbine “saiga”, knife, first aid kit and noise-canceling headphones. Was dressed in black, and a t-shirt adorned with the wolf and the Moon. He acted alone.

The attack injured five people, including one civilian and one FSB officer died from his wounds.

Friends and relatives can’t understand the motive of the shooter, as he is never aloud anything bad about law enforcement did not.

The investigative Committee conducts an investigation and have already questioned the mother Manyurova.


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