According to the canons of Sharia: killers Casucci sentenced to death

По канонам шариата: убийц Хашукджи приговорили к казниSaudi authorities put an end in business about murder of the journalist Jamal Casucci, which is believed to have died after torture by the security forces on the territory of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey. Death Casucci has received a loud resonance in the world: the share of EU countries stopped selling Saudi Arabia weapons. At the same time, Donald trump, despite pressure from Congress, abstained from this measure.

In the case of the murder of a Saudi journalist JAMA Casucci in October 2018, five people sentenced to death, and three to long terms of imprisonment, is spoken in the message of the Prosecutor General of Saudi Arabia.

“The investigation into the murder of a citizen Jamal Casucci completed five accused sentenced to death, three to 24 years in prison, the investigation found that the murder was committed without prior intent”,

— said the Prosecutor General of the country.

It is known that the Consul of the Consulate General of the Kingdom in Istanbul, on the territory of which the crime was committed, was found not guilty — he has given evidence that at the time of the murder Casucci he was in another place.

According to the Prosecutor, the case also involved the Royal Advisor, Saud al-Qahtani, Reuters reports, but after investigation he was released for lack of evidence of his involvement in the murder.

The names of the condemned Riyadh did not disclose, however, informed the Prosecutor’s office said that the journalist was killed by members of the General intelligence service of Saudi Arabia, which in the course of performing tasks for the return Casucci home from Istanbul “exceeded their powers”.

On completion of investigation, authorities announced the arrest of 21 people: 11 of them charged, and for five of the alleged direct participants in the killing, the Prosecutor demanded the death penalty. The rest, according to the Prosecutor General of the country, will be punished according to the canons of Shariah.

Influential Saudi journalist disappeared in Istanbul on 2 October 2018. Last time Casucci saw his girlfriend when he went to the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul and then disappeared without a trace.

News about his disappearance came only four days later, for clarification of all circumstances of the incident came from investigators from the Prosecutor’s office of Istanbul. They were joined by security forces from Saudi Arabia, who argued that a journalist disappeared after left the territory of the Consulate.

Casucci was known for his opposition views and has repeatedly criticized the Saudi authorities for violation of human rights in the Kingdom. Its resonance materials he published in The Washington Post.

Under pressure from the Saudi authorities gave the local police permission to conduct a search in the territory of the diplomatic mission in Istanbul. It was the discovery of evidence confirming the murder of a journalist. In addition, later the Turkish side has published the audio recording showing the torture and death of a journalist in the walls of the diplomatic building recording was the voice Galucci, the journalist begged me not to kill him.

The state office of public Prosecutor of Saudi Arabia has recognized the fact of death of journalist. The Department stated that Casucci allegedly died as a result of a quarrel with the representatives of the Consulate General, and later Riyadh recognized the fact of premeditated murder. The Ministry of justice of the Kingdom declared that the journalist’s case will be investigated according to the laws of Saudi Arabia, since the killing occurred on the territory of the state.

The body of the journalist was never found. At the end of October, it was reported that his remains were discovered at the residence of the Saudi Consul General in Turkey, but it has not been confirmed officially. It is believed that it could be destroyed by a special team arrived from Saudi Arabia.

Turkish investigators said the body was dismembered and destroyed after he was strangled in the Consulate General.

The case of the deceased journalist had a huge impact, and several European countries imposed an embargo on arms shipments to Riyadh in November of last year. American lawmakers also wanted to join the action, but trump did not cancel the contracts with Riyadh — Washington’s main ally in the middle East.

It should be noted that the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al Saud said in an interview that since the murder occurred “in his place”, he takes full responsibility. At the same time he added that he did not know what was happening.


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