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Hardwork Muir Glacier in network Ethereum will take place on 1 January 2020

Network Ethereum on block 9 200 000 will be hardfor called Muir Glacier, which will be produced on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 (the exact date may change depending on the speed of finding blocks and time zones). This was reported by the Ethereum Foundation to your blog.

The developers of Ethereum appealed to the operators the nod to update the software until January 1, 2020. the nodes should be updated before the Geth v1.9.9, Parity v2.5.12-stable, Besu v1.3.7, Nethermind v1.2.6, ethereumJS v4.1.2 or Aleth v1.8.0. Harmony (ethereumJ) will not support hardwork, and is now an outdated client.

At the time of writing updated 56.2 per cent of all nod.

Users who store ether (ETH) on the cryptocurrency exchanges, web wallets (or MyEtherWallet Metamask), mobile (Guarda Wallet or Wallet Trust) or hardware wallets (Ledger or best wallet) don’t have to do anything, if only they’d ask the exchange or wallet provider.

Hardwork Muir Glacier activates a suggestion for improvement to the Ethereum (Ethereum Improvement Proposal, EIP) 2387, which lays the so-called bomb of 4 million units (about 1.7 years). The proposal was first published in late November, the EIP 2384, and then fleshed out by James Hancock in EIP 2387.

Bomb the complexity is part of the mechanism of the complexity of mining in Ethereum network and serves as a deterrent to miners who can continue working in the blockchain for Proof-of-Work (PoW) after the transition to the new Ethereum blockchain for Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

The current bomb difficulty appeared earlier than expected, and the average duration of a block is increased by two seconds in the last month. Because of this, Muir Glacier was proposed as an “emergency” hard forks.

The price of air follows the General trend in the market and shows an increase of almost 3% in recent days.


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