Vehicle Cockpit failed to reach the calculated orbit

Кораблю Starliner не удалось достичь расчетной орбиты

The ship Cockpit, which on Friday went to the first test flight to the ISS, failed to reach the calculated orbit, according to the NASA website.

Previously, NASA and Boeing announced a contingency orbit insertion Cockpit. The ship on Board of which is a dummy Rosie and cargo to the ISS, is in stable orbit, to maintain his power work solar panels.

“The ship Cockpit is not located on the calculated orbit. The spacecraft is currently in a stable configuration, the air traffic controllers eliminate faults”, – said in a statement NASA.

Starliner was launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in 06.36 local time (14.36 GMT) on the launch vehicle Atlas V. the Launch was nominally 15 minutes after launch the spacecraft separated from its carrier stage and began an independent flight. However, in the calculated switch-on time of motor vehicle has not occurred.

The newest ship Cockpit, developed by Boeing for manned missions to the ISS, the moon and deep space, performs on Friday its first unmanned test flight. The ship was supposed to arrive at the ISS on Saturday and stay there for a week before a scheduled return to Earth.


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