Tsekalo decided on a desperate act to take away the ex-wife of his stellar name

Ex-wife of producer and showman Alexander Tsekalo Victoria Galushka, who is the sister of the famous singer faith of Brezhnevki, did not want to give his famous wife’s surname after a divorce.

The ex-wife of Alexander Tsekalo Victoria Galushka all the crook did not want to change the star the name of the spouse after a divorce in her family, so the artist had to take drastic measures, reports LigaNews with reference to starhit.

Tsekalo had to pay the sister of Vera Brezhneva considerable sum that she refused his name. Well, oddly enough, ex-wife of the artist Viktoriya Galushka gladly agreed to these terms.

“Dumpling did not want to part with a star name. In the end nothing was paid, the Victoria under the terms of the agreements had to go home, to Ukraine, and officially regain the maiden. It to be honest, but seeing even hired lawyers who managed the process,” said the insider.

Most interesting is that Tsekalo much interest to change the names of the former spouses not just. All the ruckus started because it is already newly wife Darina Erwin that after the wedding, refused to change her maiden name until her ex-lover wore a showman.

As we previously reported, new husband Tsekalo in a very candid way appeared in public. Darin Erwin published a picture, which it captured in denim shorts and an apron on the naked chest.

It is also known that place for the first time openly spoke about his newfound wife. 58-year-old showman Alexander a couple of weeks ago, issued a marriage to 38-year-old model and actress Darina Erwin. Secretly, the pair formalized their relationship in Beverly hills.


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