The United States under the “containment of Russia” has imposed sanctions against the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream”

США в рамках "сдерживания России" ввели санкции против газопроводов "Северный поток-2" и "Турецкий поток"

The President of the United States Donald trump signed the military budget in 2020 fiscal year, providing for the imposition of sanctions against the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” from Russia to Germany and “Turkish stream” from Russia to the European part of Turkey. After signing the sanctions into effect immediately, said by the U.S. Treasury.

“Involved parties who have knowingly sold, rented or provided to vessels engaged in laying pipes at a depth of 100 feet or more below sea level for the construction of “Nord stream-2” or the “Turkish stream” should ensure the immediate cessation of such vessels activities associated with the construction,” – said in explanation of the special division of the U.S. Treasury (OFAC), responsible for law enforcement in the area of sanctions.

Possible “reasonable exceptions” for the security of the pipeline, crews and other persons, and also to prevent “damage to the environment or other significant damage,” reports the Telegraph.

The imposition of sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream” is one of the measures for “containment of Russia” and aimed at “the protection of the European energy security.” Limitations suggest blocking all us assets of sanctioned companies, a ban on transactions with the defendants in the list, and the ban on entry of representatives of companies in the United States.

The gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” is built by about 92%, marks “Interfax”. Hitch occurred because of the Danish authorities that fall, after two and a half years of red tape, were allowed to build a gas pipeline in its exclusive economic zone. By the time the pipeline was already built on 2100 km in a two-line basis, with total track of 2460 km. highway Construction was resumed at the end of November.

The laying of “Nord stream-2”, the Swiss company Allseas, in anticipation of the imposition of us sanctions suspended the construction of the pipeline. The company hopes to obtain necessary regulatory, technical and environmental clarifications from the US authorities, the statement said Allseas.

Operator “Nord stream-2” 2 Nord Stream AG said that the completion of the project “is important for the security of energy supplies to Europe,” and promised, together with other participating companies to work on its completion in the shortest possible time.

Given that the law gives companies that may be under sanctions, another 30 days for “voluntary curtailment of activity,” Allseas theoretically has a chance to successfully finish the pipeline and do not fall under the restrictive measures, writes “Kommersant”.

Deputy spokesman of the government of Germany Ulrike Demmer said Berlin regretted the entry into force of sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”. “The Federal government rejected such extraterritorial sanctions. They affect German and European businesses and that they constituted interference in our internal Affairs”, – reads the statement of Demmer. She stressed that Washington explain its actions by the need to defend Ukraine, however, in light of the new agreement on gas between Moscow and Kiev, it looks “particularly strange”.

Coordinator of the German government on transatlantic cooperation Peter Bayer reported that the German government is not planning to respond to American sanctions, as they are not directed against Germany, but against private entrepreneurs, reports DW with reference to the Agency dpa. “If that did happen, only at the European level, but this will not happen”, – the politician said.

While Bayer admitted that the Federal government in the planning of the pipeline underestimated the political impact of this project. “Criticism of the Baltic pipeline from our European partners sounded long ago. We too did not take it seriously,” said Bayer, having expressed doubt that in the current situation “Nord stream-2”, all would have been built.

As for the “Turkish stream”, its marine part already laid, and the sanctions he de facto does not threaten. However, the signing of the US military budget could further complicate American-Turkish relations, the crisis which began after the purchase by Turkey of the Russian s-400. In response, trump officially eliminated Turkey from the program to create F-35 fighter, and in the text of the military budget further confirmed the US commitment not to let Ankara in this program. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the US action will not remain without response, and called the sanctions in connection with the “Turkish stream”, “violence against our people.”

For approval of the US military budget has gone almost six months. It was first submitted for consideration in the Senate in July, and the 2020 fiscal year began October 1. The adoption of the document seriously slowed the fight between Democrats and Republicans over funding for a wall on the border of USA and Mexico. It will be allocated to 1,375 billion – almost three times less than the amount requested by trump.

According to the document, defense spending increased by 20 billion to $ 738 billion to $ 12 billion less than initially required trump. In total, the Pentagon can spend on the provision of military and energy security 658,4 billion. On US military operations abroad dedicated to 71.5 billion, to fight with natural disasters – 5.3 billion.

In the framework of the signing of the military budget, the us President also officially announced the creation of the Space forces. They allocated $ 40 million, initially, they will consist of 200 people, RIA “Novosti”.

The military budget of the USA contains the abstracts concern over Russia’s activities in Africa activity of Russia and China in the Arctic region, as well as the “threat of military aggression” by Russia against the countries – members of NATO. The document envisages the allocation to Ukraine $ 300 million for military assistance, including in the form of lethal weapons. This is 50 million more than the budget for the year 2019. Prohibition of military cooperation with Russia is maintained. Specifically stated that the US should not recognize Crimea as Russian territory.

To 734.3 million dollars will be spent on the development of the “Initiative on European security” (EDI), implying an increase in US military presence in Europe. The money will be spent on the construction of military facilities and addressing the threats from submarines, as well as “the urgent implementation of other priority projects aimed at deterring Russia and to work with partners and allies”.


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