“VKontakte” has added a new feature in the community

«ВКонтакте» добавила новую функцию в сообществах

In a social network “Vkontakte” there was an opportunity to create conversations in the community, reported the press service of the social network.

“Administrators can create up to 20 chats, each of which will take up to two thousand people. The update will allow you to answer customer questions and to find out their interests, to discuss with fans of the new work, to organize meetings and to agree on a strategy in team games”, — said in the social network.

As explained in the press service of “Vkontakte”, section: “Conversation” appeared in the community, which is less than 100 thousand people.

“On the main community page that tells you how many chats already created and how many people they’re communicating right now. When the user joins the conversation, he will see the last 300 messages”, — stated in the message.

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