NASA astronaut has poironizirovat about the readiness of the ship Cockpit

Астронавт NASA поиронизировал о готовности корабля Starliner

Former astronaut of the National office for Aeronautics and space research (NASA) Gregory Harbaugh commented on the cancellation of the Starliner vehicle dock with the International space station (ISS).

“Good for flight crew,” he wrote on Twitter with irony. The Harbor in the years 1991-1997, he made four space flight on the American Shuttle, including a visit to the Mir station and repair the Hubble telescope.

Also the names listed of the emergency situation that occurred with the Cockpit at startup. In particular, he pointed to the absence of maneuvers at a given time to propel spacecraft into orbit and incorrect orientation of the ship.

Earlier, the management of NASA has cancelled scheduled for December 21 Cockpit docking with the ISS. Representatives from NASA and Boeing said it will try to return the ship to Earth in two days. It needs to land on the landing pad in the desert of new Mexico.

The Director of NASA Jim Breidenstein confirmed that the emergency situation in the Cockpit was caused by a failure in the system of counting flight time. Because of this, the ship had spent more fuel than expected.

Starliner performed the first launch to the ISS in an unmanned mode, 20 Dec. The spacecraft was launched at 6:36 local time (14:36 GMT). The launch was made at Space Launch Complex 41 USAF at Cape Canaveral in Florida with the help of the carrier rocket Atlas V.

The main purpose of the launch was to dock with the ISS and the confirmation of the ability of the ship to independent flight.

December 4 article in the newspaper the Hill, the view was expressed that the launch of commercial manned space vehicles, NASA will be “the beginning of the end of Russia as a space power.” “Roskosmos” in response reminded that the US has long promised to launch its ship, but “continue to purchase seats on the Russian Soyuz.


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