Lukashenko called the reason why ready to give up Russian oil and gas

If in 2020, Russia will increase the tariffs on fuel, the purchase of gas and oil Belarus will carry out by Ukrainian principle – to do the reverse purchase through Poland. This statement was made by President Alexander Lukashenko.

In an extended interview with the Russian resource “Echo of Moscow” the head of Belarus admitted that if Moscow will raise fuel prices, that Minsk is ready to go the way of Kiev since Poroshenko, informs resource with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

The price of gas may not be 152 dollar for the country that trades with the neighboring duty-resents Lukashenko. Journalists tried to remind the President that reverse the purchase it will cost the country more than the direct. In response, the head of state reminded that in his time the same situation was with Ukraine, and then Moscow decided to build a gas pipeline bypassing. However, for the construction of another gas pipeline will take “tens of billions of dollars”, stated Lukashenka. If Russia will act with Belarus as well as Ukraine, the Minsk, will buy the reversible gas in Poland.

In January, Lukashenko during the meeting with Putin already made a scandal on the price of Russian gas for his country. In the spring of Minsk has suspended the operation of the pipeline “Druzhba”, explaining their actions by the fact that there is repair work.

In Russia reminded Minsk that Kiev, going for the purchase of reverse gas, increased tariffs for ordinary citizens of his country.


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