Reveals the mystery of the construction of ancient stone monuments

Раскрыта загадка строительства древних каменных монументов

Scientists St Andrews University in Scotland and the University of Bradford in England have solved the mystery of stone circles in the Outer Hebrides, similar to Stonehenge. The locals built them around the “sacred sites” associated with the forces of nature. About it reported in a press release on

Archaeologists with the help of satellites have studied the surroundings of the iconic megalithic Callanish on the Isle of Lewis to find other buildings, hidden under the peat. It was found that a Plot of XI, where there is a large stone, there are traces of the megalithic circle, the center of which is located a magnetic anomaly. The latter may have originated from one or more lightning strikes.

According to scientists, the ancient inhabitants of the island were able to build a megalith around the rock or tree that was struck by lightning. This indicates that the forces of nature were closely connected with the daily life of early farming communities in the Outer Hebrides.

The researchers also reconstructed the original appearance of the Na Dromannan circle, standing stones which fell or were buried. Megalit allowed to track across the sky the Sun and the moon.

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