YouTube and “Yandex.Video” can block because book publishers

YouTube и "Яндекс.Видео" могут заблокировать из-за книжных издателей

The YouTube and “Yandex.Video” because of the law of piracy threatens eternal lock-in Russia, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

According to the publication, the publishing house “Eksmo” has addressed in court with the requirement to remove illegal audio version of the book, Liu Casina “Problem of three bodies” on both resources. The Moscow city court has satisfied the claim at the beginning of the month, however, the audiobook is still in “Yandex.Video” on YouTube.

Russian law allows an eternal lock on a resource, if the site does not respond to the complaint of the copyright holder. The first time the web page gets to the register of Roskomnadzor and blocked till the removal of pirated materials. At repeated infringement the copyright holder has the right to require forever to lock a resource.

As explained by the newspaper, the General Director of the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI) Maxim Rabuka, they are ready to go to court on the other books.

“If the complaints will be satisfied, we will be able to insist on eternal lock “Yandex.Video” and YouTube in Russia”,— said Rabuka.

The representative of “Yandex” have refused comments, the representative of Google (owner of YouTube) on the request is not answered.


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