Physicist praised the chances of creating China’s “artificial sun”

Физик оценил шансы создания Китаем «искусственного солнца»

Deputy Director of the Institute of nuclear physics and technology MEPhI Georgy Tikhomirov spoke about the prospects of the Chinese project on the creation of “artificial sun”.

The expert believes that the Chinese installation of HL-2M “for some respects to be superior to existing” but “no breakthrough in this” TV channel “360”.

“Most likely, they will produce some small compact unit, will achieve good parameters for the plasma,” said the Professor.

He added that the largest fusion reactor in the world called ITER being built in France. Russia is also involved in its creation.

Earlier it became known that the Chinese scientists in 2020 will launch a new experimental fusion reactor HL-2M in the framework of the project EAST.

It was noted that processes similar to those that occur in the core of the Sun. It is assumed that the reactor will heat plasma to temperatures above 200 million degrees Celsius.

Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute RAS (FIAN) in September reported that in the summer of 2019 on the Sun there was not a single outbreaks that could have an impact on the Earth.

According to experts, the decline in the number of outbreaks is not dangerous, but may indicate some serious changes in the Sun that could affect its luminosity, spectrum, and ultimately on climate.

Previously, scientists told about the sudden transformation of the Sun after death. It turned out that after his death it will turn into a superdense solid crystal, not a ball of liquid plasma, as previously thought.


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