“You arrogant!”: persistent Fox managed to have it treated fish, and it was very funny

Fishing to the residents of Norilsk visited the hungry Fox and tried to sneak out of the hole his capelin. Man how could drove the beast a few times I snapped at him for the insolence, but in the end allowed him to eat fish with the words: “This is for the focus”.

The video lasts a minute, and we suggest you watch the whole thing with sound. It has garnered on YouTube 100 thousand views and a lot of comments.

“The author — flint. It is impossible to hold back and not start jumping around with this furry rascal!”

“As I understand it, in the end, realizing that the free rolls, it is a little dug a little, kind of helped you well to do so, the hole joint, and then earned. Clever animal cunning, and quite charming.”

“Lol, how much negativity towards the author of the video, and in fact prikolnulsya and over fish have adjusted to the white bonehead”.

“At least something positive on the Russian YouTube”.

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