Lada 4×4 can get the front pillow later than planned

Lada 4x4 может получить фронтальную подушку позже, чем планировалось

After an extensive interior renovation of the famous SUV has become a kind of a market curiosity: in the equipment of Lada 4×4 includes the side airbags, but it is not equipped with front. Of eyrbeg in the steering wheel will appear in the “Fields” in a long while.

Strictly speaking, the airbag in the steering wheel had to enter the complex interior upgrades Lada 4×4 initially. However, according to unconfirmed reports, at this stage, which enhance the safety of the SUV AVTOVAZ is simply not enough financial resources. It was necessary to construct the new steering wheel (or adapt something from existing solutions), as well as to modify the column cover and start production of new components.

It was assumed that a new wheel Niva will acquire already in the production process – at the turn of 2019 and 2020 But, according to the publication “Lada.Online”, these terms had to be revised: now the plant is not ready nor a constructive solution or provider.

A source at the plant says that is not yet resolved how to implement a new steering wheel with airbag, and the complexity associated with the design of the steering gear Lada 4×4. Assume that you have two months to solve this problem the residents may not be enough.

Side airbag that is integrated in the driver’s seat, the SUV still started to equip, in fact, forced: for the requirements of the Russian legislation. It involves the supply of new cars “the disturbing button” Era-GLONASS and deployed airbag needs to trigger the alert emergency services about the accident.


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