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Bitcoin maximalists continue to “attack” the Ethereum

Many of the most ardent supporters of bitcoin is extremely critical of Ethereum, calling him a hopeless project. Criticism intensified in 2019 in the Wake of continued weak volatility of ether, which is once again testing the lows.

One of the bitcoin maximalist WhalePanda on Twitter posted a post in which he attacked the Ethereum network. In his text he listed the key events in the history of the network of ETH that can be called a failure for the entire project ecosystem.

In particular, he noted that most forks have not led to the desired results. Still the scaling problem of the ETH blockchain is not solved.

In addition, web developers can not determine the direction of monetary policy, changing it too often. Even ETH 2.0 update is unable to solve the problem and yet does not contribute to the upgrade of the network.

Supporters of Ethereum has long been not talking about the fact that their project is intended to compete with bitcoin. Despite the fact that the blockchain is the leader in the number of deployed decentralized applications (DApps), the project is clearly a big problem.

Ecosystem ETH in 2020 may lose a large number of users, which will lead to a more significant drop in the air. WhalePanda believes that ETH – tool for performing fraudulent transactions and distribution of risky financial innovation.

At the same time, the expert stressed that the bitcoin maximalists does not “attack” the Ethereum community. According to him, he and his supporters just point developers ETH at the problems that were not solved and they interfere with successful development of the ecosystem.


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