Solovyov gave Ukraine its forecast for the year 2020, focusing on Avakov

“The future dictator” and “the strongest politician in Ukraine” – with these words of the Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov, the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. He also stressed that many Ukrainian politicians are afraid of interior Minister.

Yesterday, December 23, in a live talk-show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” leading devoted part of the program of Ukrainian politicians and election promises of Vladimir Zelensky, informs resource with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

Was in the Studio and Vasily Makarov, a well-known Ukrainian political analyst and a frequent guest of talk shows. He tried to tell what happens in political life in Ukraine in recent years.

All the troubles on the heads of Ukrainians fell by Alexei Goncharuk, the Prime Minister of the country. He issued a decree to the budget allocated funds only for the payment of salaries, social payments and pensions. In practice, this means only one thing – default. When blame is himself the President of Ukraine, which appointed Goncharuk to such an important post, said Makarov.

If the political situation in Ukraine will not change, with the leadership of the country expect the economic crisis in 2020. Solovyov did not agree with the Ukrainian political scientist and has given Ukraine less than a year.

Russian journalist drew attention to the fact that Makarov himself was not against the dismissal Goncharuk and Pristayko, however, against the dismissal of Avakov.

“Avakov, you will be the next Prime Minister and dictator. Enormous stiff will and understanding to achieve their results. Completely devoid of moral principles,” – said in response to the nightingales. With his words, even Yulia Tymoshenko is not a competitor to him.


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