In England found an unusual Roman and Anglo-Saxon artifacts

В Англии найдены необычные римские и англосаксонские артефакты

Roman and Anglo-Saxon artefacts were found in the burial close to the edge of the airport to Coventry (Warwickshire, England).

In the burial place the archaeologists found ceramic pots, jars and jewellery. Experts believe that the two graves belong to high-ranking Roman officer and a girl aged 6 to 12 years. The wreckage was found during excavations on the site of housing construction in the summer of 2017, but many artifacts have been officially dated and verified by experts just now.

Archaeologists of the County Council of Warwickshire, who headed the excavations, emphasize that this is a very rare find. The burial place of Roman girls were found ornaments, including decorative brooch, ring with the image of the Cicada and the hair clip. According to the researchers, the subjects and images on jewelry imply connections with southern Europe. Burial of the officer refers to the Anglo-Saxon graves. It found the Central part of the shield, fragments of a knife blade in a leather sheath and hanging the bowl from a copper alloy. Scientists say that the wealth of Anglo-Saxon graves suggests a person with high status, so the deceased could be a high-ranking officer.

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