Ex-beauty Queen has saved lives, removing part of the skull

The former beauty Queen nearly died after a sudden loss of consciousness caused by a brain aneurysm. Then she suffered a stroke which has caused brain swelling. As a result, the doctors performed her surgery to remove part of the skull.

35-year-old Cynthia Martinez from Delaware has always led a healthy lifestyle. From 14 to 25 years she was a regular participant of beauty contests, and the last 10 years Cynthia evaluates the contestants as a judge.

It made Cynthia understand its power.

“When it gets difficult, I remind myself that I’m alive, and it is a privilege! I struggle because I live. We are all strong enough. Just don’t know it until we’re pressed to the wall and not forced to fight. We need to fight for our lives, fight for our recovery, to fight for what is important to us!”


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