The DNR said that the exchange of prisoners with Kiev may take place before the New year

В ДНР заявили, что обмен пленными с Киевом может состояться перед самым Новым годом

The exchange of prisoners between the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR) and Kiev may occur at the end of the week. About it RIA “news” the Deputy told the people’s Council DNI, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on foreign policy and international relations Vladislav berdichevskiy.

“Exchange, I suppose, will be for a weekend or December 30. From our side everything is ready, all the prisoners are “cleared” from prosecution. We expect the same from Ukraine. As soon as the information that all who were convicted, pardoned, and all our citizens, against whom cases filed, – acquitted of the charges, then the exchange will happen,” he said, adding that the exchange is ready and in the LC.

According to him, the DPR will be given only to Kiev prisoners of war. “We are talking about those who were taken with arms in the battlefield. The exchange is expected in the format “88 by 53″, but the exact numbers will be announced on the day of exchange”, – said Vladislav berdichevskiy.

On the exchange of detainees between the Donbass and Kiev before the end of the year and said the International contact group on the settlement of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. This was announced by the special representative of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Ukraine, Martin Sajdik.

“The trilateral contact group with representatives of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine have reached agreement on the mutual release and exchange of detainees related to the conflict, until the end of the year”, – quotes its words Reuters.

Earlier it was reported that the contact group on settling the situation in Donbas at the first meeting after the “Normandy summit” are unable to agree on key points of the communique adopted by the leaders “channel four”. Ukraine and the Donetsk and Lugansk Republic have not agreed on any dates, and lists of the exchange of prisoners or the withdrawal of forces and means.

Representatives from DND and LNR accused Kiev in the failure of the negotiations, saying that the representatives of Kiev “arrived in Minsk unprepared to fulfil the commitments undertaken in Paris” and acted “cavalry assaults”. Another representative LC Olga Kobzeva said that to reach an agreement on the exchange of prisoners failed “in the absence of the Ukrainian side of the mechanism of the cleaning procedure of people who are subject to exchange.”

The source of “Radio Liberty” familiar with the negotiations, reported that to coordinate accurate lists is very difficult. For each held-need to find out where he’s sitting, and then to find grounds for dismissal. At the moment it is known that approximately 20-30 held by Russia and the separatists, 60-70 are in prison in Ukraine.

The representative of the DND Daria Morozova said that the Ukrainian side tried to divide the exchange into several stages. According to Ukrainian media, Kiev proposed a formula “all on all convicted prisoners” is spelled out in the Paris communiqué of the formula “all installed all installed”. Kiev envoy Leonid Kuchma and the adviser of the President of Ukraine Ruslan Demchenko insisted also on the exception list on the exchange 11 people, including several Berkut officers. Representatives of the breakaway republics with these positions did not agree.


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