The last 40 minutes of life Manyurova: media re-creation of the tragic events

19 Dec Eugene Manarov opened fire on Lubyanka square near the building of FSB. As a result, three people were killed, including the shooter. The journalists of “Moskovskiy Komsomolets”, were able to reconstruct that fateful day.

At 17:20 (hereinafter the Moscow time) the shooter went to the language center, but classes on this day were not carried out. Manorov was going to get the details of the organization to make a contract for payment of five lessons, informs resource Center staff claim that Eugene came with a backpack, and it is clearly something inside was heavy.

In the centre of Menurow had an employee of a private security firm, and the knowledge of the language he needs to communicate with foreign guests. During one lesson he’s paying two thousand rubles.

All in all, he managed to attend only two sessions, which were held on 5 and 11 December. The contract was in no hurry to conclude, because I wanted to test the quality of the training. Teachers say that Manorov was an insignificant figure and always wore dark clothes.

Your resume he faked and there he wrote that a security guard working at the Embassy of the UAE.

40 minutes later, at 18:00, Eugene opened fire from hunting rifles “saiga” in the center of the capital. He died on the spot two people, including Manyurova. Another FSB officer died later in hospital.

The investigative Committee still cannot establish the motives that drove Manturovym. To verify connectivity with terrorists or nationalist movements.


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