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The bitcoin in 2019 has processed a record number of transactions

The ecosystem of bitcoin finishing the year with very good results. Despite the fact that the volatility of BTC has remained weak over the past several months, Hasrat network rose to a new high.

Peak it reached on December 21, then Hasrat very close to 114 assages second (EH/s). This is evidenced by the data service into the Future.

As of 26 December, Hasrat was still very high (about 107 EH/s).

The positive trend noted by many on Twitter. If you look at the graph, represented by one of the users of the social network, then you can see how the amount of computing power used for mining BTC, was added mid-year.

In addition, in 2019 the very good performance shown by the blockchain of bitcoin. According to the service TradeBlock, during the so-called June’s rally BTC network handled almost 12 million transactions. This figure fell only at the very end of the second half.

The experts ‘ report also States that the total annual volume of bitcoin transactions in dollar terms reached a record level (almost $500 billion).

2020, according to many experts, will become more a breakthrough for bitcoin. The position of the first crypto currency will strengthen due to the fact that it will increase the demand for alternative tools against lowering interest rates and the emergence of a deficit of BTC after the so-called may of halving.


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