The witness spoke about a recent meeting with Mangroves in the day of the shooting at the Lubyanka

19 Dec Eugene Menurow visited the school for the study of foreign languages, and left her outside for 15-20 minutes before the start of the massacre near the Lubyanka headquarters of the FSB. An employee of the school of foreign languages was the last with which the shooter talked to the tragedy in the center of Moscow.

Since December of Menurow attended courses in English. He managed to attend two sessions, informs resource with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

That day he came to school for another training session, but it did not take place. Menurow asked an employee of the school forms for the contract. He said that his security Agency will pay up to the end of the year five classes.

In the school building, he came by around 17:20, and came out 25 minutes later. Around 18:00 at the Lubyanka, he opened fire on the FSB, in which three people were killed, including the Manyurova.

Employee English language schools remembered that Eugene had problems with money. “When they came for the first time in August, was odd. Talked always so that eyes and head lowered. Said he wanted to learn English here, because the other courses did not suit his level, he was offered private lessons”.

According to Manyurova, he came to the courses, as his security firm often accompanies foreign guests. Eugene always came to class with a backpack and constantly wore a dark colored.


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