Revealed an unexpected cause of headaches in astronauts on the ISS

Experts from space flight Center NASA’s Johnson found out why the cosmonauts and astronauts for a long time in orbit, sometimes suffer from headaches and “misting” view. The reason for this is the announced changes in the eyes, triggered a stay on the ISS.

Выявлена неожиданная причина головных болей у космонавтов на МКС

According to experts, scientists have long been interested in the headaches that are typical only for people who played ISS a lot of time, but not occurring among astronauts who flew to the station for a few weeks. However, so far during dedicated experiments of the conditions of the international space station recreated not accurately — at the time of the meal, the volunteers were allowed to take a relatively comfortable position, although to simulate the weightlessness is necessary that a man lay tilted on the bed. In addition, the composition of the air did not correspond supported on the ISS.

In the new experiment the team was able to approach the creation of conditions of the station, and it is possible to understand what changes occur there with the astronauts. As stated, and the astronauts do on the ISS and in the period between 2012 and 2018, and the participants experience on the Ground, the retina has increased, but on the surface this process was noticeable. The structure layer of the eye is changed, only those who were on the ISS.

Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that the cause of headaches astronauts are changes in the eyes, having such a specific nature that can recreate them on Earth may be impossible.

The study was published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology.


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