Kiev and the Donbass agreed to exchange “all for all” December 29,

Киев и Донбасс согласовали обмен "всех на всех" 29 декабря

Kiev and the breakaway LC and the DNI, which control the Pro-Russian armed groups have agreed on the exact date of the exchange of prisoners by the formula “all installed all installed”. It was agreed to implement on December 29, told “Kommersant” two sources knowledgeable about the content of negotiations.

The organization of the exchange has moved forward after the summit in “Norman format”, held in Paris on 9 December. In the outcome document the leaders of Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France called on the trilateral contact group (TCG) on settlement of the situation in the East of Ukraine “to promote the release and exchange associated with the conflict, detained persons until the end of the year on the basis of the principle “all for all”, starting with “all installed all installed”.

The TAG gathered on December 18 in Minsk. There the representatives of Kyiv, DND and LNR at first agreed to exchange before the New year. But then the representatives of the DND stated that the agreement failed because the Ukrainian side has not carried out so-called clearance procedure (involves the termination of criminal prosecution) to be exchanged entities. the Parties agreed to continue negotiations in a videoconference, which took place on December 23. According to its results, it announced the agreement.

Earlier it was reported that about 40 people from among those whom Kiev was preparing to pass the DNI and the LC, for various reasons, have asked to exclude them from the exchange lists. In this regard, it was decided to test whether the waiver is voluntary. This is to make the TAG coordinator for humanitarian Affairs (is engaged including the problem of exchange) Tony Frisch. He will begin the test on December 27, said the representative LNR in humanitarian subgroup Olga Kobzeva.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said earlier that the Ukrainian side will give 72. As RBC reported that the Ukrainian side is ready to give 250 people in exchange for their 100.

The last time the sides passed each other the detained and convicted persons in December 2017. If Kiev gave the DNI and LC 246 people and got back 74. And according to the documents Pro-Russian unrecognized republics gave the 306 prisoners, but 40 of them were freed earlier, and another 20 refused to exchange. It was the biggest exchange since the beginning of hostilities in the East of Ukraine in 2014.


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