Japanese TV station mistakenly announced the launch of missiles in the DPRK

Японский телеканал по ошибке сообщил о запуске ракеты в КНДР

Japanese NHK television station mistakenly reported on Thursday about the missile launch in North Korea. After some time the message was deleted from his website.

The TV station issued an urgent message at 00:22 on Friday local time (18:22 GMT Thursday). It said that the missile after a fixed run will fall to the East of Cape Erimo (Northern Prefecture of Hokkaido). A similar notification was sent to users of the mobile app NHK, reports TASS.

After a few minutes the channel has deleted the message from the website and then further advised that it was incorrect. Also after half an hour NHK interrupted the broadcast to report the error and apologize.

A similar incident occurred in February last year. Then, the channel reported that in the direction of Japan from the DPRK launched a ballistic missile. NHK also with reference to the government emergency alert system J-Alert urged people to emergency evacuation. The alert was canceled just five minutes, which caused a flurry of indignation in Japan.

Dec 21, defense Minister Taro Kono said that North Korea has repeatedly launched ballistic missiles, and other weapons that pose a serious threat to Japan.

December 24, the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea said that North Korea has “the legitimate right of sovereign States to self-defence, and nobody can blame Pyongyang for it,” reports NHK.

According to North Korean informagentstva, “even a child knows” that the missile does not threaten Japan, which his reaction is “provoking” the international community to tighten sanctions against the DPRK.

At the end of December deadline, which Pyongyang set to Washington to work out a mutually acceptable compromise in the negotiations on the issue of denuclearization. In case of failure in the DPRK promised to make US “Christmas gift”, without explaining what this meant. American President Donald trump to the threats of Pyongyang reacted benignly and suggested that Koreans just want to make him something nice.

“Maybe it is a good gift, maybe the gift will be that he (North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN) will send me a beautiful vase instead of a missile test. You never know,” said trump. He also added that in any case the White house “deal effectively” with a “Christmas gift” to the DPRK.

November 28, North Korea has tested a “super-large jet systems of volley fire” in the presence of the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN.


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