Zhirinovsky told about his farm and how to protect apples: video “broke” the Internet

The odious head of the liberal democratic party spoke about the problems in the Russian agricultural sector in his usual manner. Many of those present could not help listening to Zhirinovsky.

The head of the liberal democratic party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky spoke at the regular meeting of the State Council on development of agribusiness with the participation of the state authorities. Video of the politician’s speech was posted on YouTube-channel Radio Sputnik, said Russian Dialogue.

“I keep rabbits. Are at the demonstration – something I have itching, unpleasant. Return the rabbit foot caught between boards, and it’s beeping. I’m ten miles away feel: my rabbit problem! And who the rest will feel if he is not the owner of what he owns. I go out with my trees boy from a neighboring yard eating fruits – cherry, cherry. I was furious at first, these are my trees. Then I felt sorry for him. He says: I’m hungry. I didn’t make it to the police to surrender or beat, but it’s owner, it’s his garden, his land, his cattle, his barns, his horses,” – said Zhirinovsky.

At the time of his speech, the other participants can’t hold back the laughter. In particular, the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin turns red from laughter and covers his face with his hands, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev grins, and President Vladimir Putin sighs.

It is known that the leader of the liberal Democrats, often makes speeches that cause mixed feelings, who listens.

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