Rogozin told about the comments on a Russian rocket to fly to the moon

Рогозин рассказал о замечаниях к российской ракете для полетов на Луну

Russian rocket to fly to the moon received a lot of comments, they will be eliminated during the technical design, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to Director of state Corporation “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin.

“We made the decision to support conceptual design (heavy missiles. — Ed.). There are comments, many of them, they were expressed in the discussion at the enlarged meeting of the scientific and technical Council (“Roskosmos” and the Bureau of the Council of RAS on space. — Ed.)”, — leads the Agency on 28 December his words.

Rogozin added that all comments will be taken into account in the work on the technical design of the rocket for missions to the moon, to which Roskosmos will begin early next year.

“Roscosmos” designing a super-heavy rocket “Yenisei” and its higher gross weight version of the “don”, whose main purpose is the provision of flights in deep space, particularly the moon and Mars. The first is able to deliver to low-earth orbit a payload at least 100 tons, to the moon — T. 27 the Second, more powerful — 140 t and 33 t, respectively.

According to General Director of the organization “Agat” Dmitry Chirkin, the program superheavy carrier submitted to the government, and in what form it will be approved — it’s hard to say.


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