Named the most suitable for the aliens of the planet

Названы самые подходящие для инопланетян планеты

Astronomers of Villanova University in the United States called the most suitable for life on the planet. According to the experts, they must revolve around the stars To a class that have the orange color and temperature 3500-5000 Kelvin. This publication reports Science Alert.

Scientists have spent 30 years observing the stars that belonged to different spectral classes from F-class (white-yellow stars) red dwarfs. They analyzed x-ray and ultraviolet radiation emitted by a luminaries to assess if their planets have alien life.

It turned out that, although the habitable zone around stars To a class less than that of solar-type stars, but these lights are much more common. About a thousand orange stars within a hundred light years from Earth. Life expectancy By class is estimated at 25-80 billion light-years, and they are much quieter to red dwarfs, which are frequent outbreaks. It is known that one of these stars — Kepler-442 — has a rocky planet Kepler-442b, located in the habitable zone.

The class occupy an intermediate position between the numerous red dwarfs (stars M-class) and more rare and less long-lived solar-type stars (stars G-class). Orange stars a bit warmer than the first and a bit colder than the last.

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