Scientists have found a way to support muscle tone without exercise

Ученые нашли способ поддерживать тонус мышц без тренировок

Scientists at the University of Michigan (USA) have discovered a protein that preserves the muscle tone without exercise. To keep in shape will help’s actually my sister’s, according to the study, the results of which cites the journal Nature Communications.

The research assistants watched the flies-fruit flies. They were forcing the insects to move on, “the treadmill” — tube with an inclined surface that the robot was periodically shaken. When flies have no strength left, the researchers stopped the experiment.

It turned out that after the intense “exercise” the muscle cells of flies produced large amount’s actually my sister’s. These proteins made the cells more sensitive to insulin and had a positive influence on metabolic processes. In addition, flies with higher level’s actually my sister’s muscles, even without “training” remained “in good shape”.

After a number of experiments with flies and mice, scientists came to the conclusion that it’s actually my sister’s accumulated in the muscles after prolonged exercise and subsequently increases their endurance as well as the effect of doing exercises.

Scientists believe that the results of their experiments will be useful in practice, for example to prevent muscle atrophy and to fight aging exhaustion. To create a dietary Supplement with the content’s actually my sister’s very difficult, so experts are working on a more simple substance similar in action.

Earlier in January, German scientists have identified a way to slow the aging process of the brain. In the course of the experiment on mice, the experts found that the impact on stem cells has beneficial effects on the brain, in particular delays age-related cognitive disorders and keeps memory.


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