A boy was born “without a brain” learned to surf

7-year-old boy, who at birth was only 2% of the brain, learned to read and to surf.

Shelly and Rob wall from England advised me to terminate the pregnancy five times, upon learning that their child “has no brain“. Incredibly, however, by the time when Noah was 3 years old, his brain has grown by 80%.

Doctors believe that Noah’s brain was actually crushed and after he had installed a shunt, the authority returned to the place where he originally was supposed to be.

Father Noah explained that since they were older parents, they refused to terminate the pregnancy.

I think, perhaps if we were younger, we would be able to influence, — said the father. — But we wanted to give Noah a chance at life“.

Doctors told the parents that their son will be serious mental problems — he can’t speak, see, hear or eat.

But he not only was able to do all of the above, and learned to sit unassisted and was even able to surf after they sent him to Australia to rehab. Now Noah wants to learn to walk and continues to learn to surf and even started to ski.

The doctors who first met Noah and his mother in the UK, recognize that the boy was “extraordinary“.


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