“Became a father,” korchevnikov appeared with a small child in her arms

Seriously ill TV presenter Boris korchevnikov, which has previously stated about his loneliness, not a joke fueled the rumors about his sudden fatherhood.

The famous showman and TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov dragged into a new disassembly due to its recent publication in the Network.

Suffering from cancer the broadcaster suspected of concealment of paternity after the publication of his photo with the baby in her arms. In its official microblogging “Instagram” korchevnikov published a strange picture, which he captured with a small child.

It should be noted that many users on the Network without reading the caption under the photo, I immediately panic that well-known TV presenter was the father and his heart is not lonely, as it was reported in all interviews.

“I won’t remember any this year, nor how many I here. But all the circumstances of this photo I remember very well. Remember and love”, – has signed a touching photo of Boris.

Calming down a bit, fans still paid attention to the signature and realized that the pictures depicted korchevnikov in his youth, and therefore the child is not his:

“Wonderful photo. For a moment I thought that Boris was the father,”

“I also have to validol reached”,

“Have time to get scared that the child of Boris, until I read the caption. Phew”.

As previously reported LigaNews, Rene Boris korchevnikov startled viewers with their views. The famous TV presenter has long struggled with a brain tumor. However, he managed to cope with such a severe disease, and even continued to do their favorite thing, delighting fans.

We also know that struggling with brain cancer Korchevnikov ready to assist. The popular TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov, who suffers from a serious oncological disease, has gathered an army of defenders.


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