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Network introduction Lightning is faster than expected

Analysts of the research division of the stock exchange BitMEX has published a report which says that the introduction of the Lightning Network for the processing of bitcoin transactions goes more rapidly than expected.

Huge potential LN last year was mentioned by many experts. The chain Lightning is a solution to the problem of scaling the blockchain of bitcoin. With its help, users are able to make transactions with very low commissions.

Operations can be combined, and after their processing, the user can close the channel. According BitMEX, there were more than 60,000 cases of the closing of such channels. For the implementation of transactional users in total spent 6000 bitcoins.

The report says:

Our database shows that the scale of retail liquidation of the channels are common, and the use of the network [Lightning] is higher than expected.

In the medium-term prospects for a more active use of LN will increase the demand for BTC and its rise in price.

Currently, the bitcoin per second handles up to 50 transactions. Going beyond this limit means higher transaction fees. Solution application of the second level, like Lightning, will significantly reduce operating costs and reduce the fee, say the authors of the report.


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