First arrests: Iran punishes for the downed Boeing

Первые аресты: Иран карает за сбитый BoeingIn Iran in the case of the collapse of the Ukrainian “Boeing” has already arrested several people. The plane was shot down by mistake, the crucial role played by the human factor, and the responsibility for the incident already took over the Iranian military.

The first arrests took place in Iran in connection with the crash of the Boeing 737 “Ukraine International airlines”. This was stated by the official representative of the Iranian judiciary, gholamhosein Esmaeili, RIA “Novosti”.

More detailed information about the identity of those arrested and their fate yet.

We will remind, responsibility for the incident took over the Iranian military. The plane was shot down by mistake, the crucial role played by the human factor.

The commander of the air forces of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) Amir-Ali Hajizadeh said that the Ukrainian plane crashed around Tehran, were determined by the system operator air defense “as a cruise missile”. Because of interference, he failed to report it to management, added Hajizade, and therefore decided to strike at Boeing.

“Or has interference, or the network was busy. He was able to make a decision within five seconds. Alas, he made the wrong decision and launched a missile,” the General added.

Hajizade noted that the Iranian military was asked to close the country’s airspace at the time of the missile strikes on us bases in neighboring Iraq. However, this was not done, and civilian aircraft continued to fly over Iran. According to Hajizade, the guard assumes full responsibility for the crash of the Ukrainian aircraft and death of people, and he himself “wanted to die when [he] heard about the disaster.”

The plane “Ukraine International airlines” was shot down January 8, immediately after departure from the Tehran airport. In the air it caught fire and fell apart. Killing all 176 people on Board the plane. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry reported that killed 82 Iranian citizen, 63 canadian, 10 Swedish nationals, four citizens of Afghanistan, three Germans and three Brits. The crew — 9 people — was completely Ukrainian.

Soon all flights from Kiev to Tehran was cancelled. Singapore Airlines, Qantas, China Southern Airlines, Lufthansa and Malaysia Airlines have also decided to give up flying in Iran until the situation settles.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shortly after the crash said that the plane could be hit by Iranian missile “earth-air”. Relevant data are provided by the exploration of Canada, he added. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President, Donald trump also spoke about the missile strike — satellites of the intelligence services of the United Kingdom and the United States detected two characteristic flash at the time of the disaster.

The Iranian air defense was given in full combat readiness amid exchange of rocket attacks between Tehran and the U.S. army, stationed in neighboring Iraq.

Shortly before the crash of a Ukrainian airliner in Iraq, US missiles killed a famous Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, commander of an elite special forces “Quds” in the interests. On 7 January, the Secretary of security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani said that Tehran has produced 13 variants of the answer to the murder of the us armed forces Soleimani. “Even the most gentle of 13 variants will be revenge for America’s historical nightmare”, — he stressed.

In the result, the Iranian military launched missile strikes on U.S. military bases, however, without killing anyone. It was reported that the U.S. military was notified about the attack in advance and had to hide in bunkers.

The plane crash MAU happened a few hours after the attack on the US base. Among the possible causes of the collapse of the Iranian authorities first called technical problems with the aircraft, pilot error and terrorist attack. The Ukrainian authorities are encouraged to wait for official results of investigation of the Commission and sent to Tehran its representatives and aviation professionals.

It should be noted that the pieces of the exploded plane were scattered across a huge area. However, Iranian police and emergency services in just a few days removed parts of the aircraft and the remains of the dead passengers and pilots. Body promised to give the countries the citizens of which were killed.

After the recognition by Iran of responsibility for the attack on the “Boeing” in the capital of the country broke out massive student protests. They were immediately supported by the US government.


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