Scientists have found the flies aides people in finding a physical form

To replace exercise… Supplement, which creates the effect of a good workout, maybe in the future people who, for whatever reasons, the possibility to do sports. About the amazing experiments with the protein’s actually my sister’s said recently, scientists at the University of Michigan (USA).

Ученые сочли мух помощниками людей в обретении физической формы

So, is it possible to get the benefits of a good workout, not even moving a muscle? This question was asked American researchers to protein family sestino to discover that it accumulates in the muscles after exercise. And found that the artificial expression (synthesis at the cellular level) protein causes the same effect as physical exercise. To test the effects mimic the exercises with the help of additional protein production, it was decided on the fly.

First, a group of scientists under the leadership of associate Professor in the Department of molecular and integrative physiology Mandiana Kim made the fly… to walk on a treadmill. Unlike conventional this unique track designed specifically for the experiment resembles a regular tube. Scientists used in its creation the instinct of Drosophila to climb up and leave the vessel. So, with the help of the simulator of the tube they forced the flies to run for three weeks at 4-6 hours. When their ability has improved, they compared their level of endurance with a “physical form” of fruit flies, which’s actually my sister’s level has been raised artificially and which do not exercise on a treadmill. It turned out that the level of their physical form was higher than the “athletes.”

Scientists hope that the property’s actually my sister’s in the future may help prevent atrophy of muscles in immobilized people. However, before the market will be the Supplement’s actually my sister’s, it will take time.

Review of doctor of biological Sciences Boris SHENKMAN:

— You know, that’s actually my sister’s is the regulator molecules that control protein synthesis in the body. When they say that you can cancel the exercise and only use’s actually my sister’s, that’s a slight exaggeration. Indeed protein can be synthesized, but the effect will still be significantly different — no load, nothing happens. And generally in the scientific community it is not customary to compare flies with man. We have still very different mechanisms.


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