“Who is this powerful man?”: Tilda Swinton admitted that he performed the male lead in a horror movie

Actress Tilda Swinton is known for his incredible ability to transform. Need to play the wicked witch, David Bowie or vampire? Tilda will cope with the task and masterfully dives into the image. Now this woman is a chameleon once again astonished the world by admitting that the role of the 82-year-old doctor in his new film played it too.

Source: Daily Mail

26 October 2018 will take place the premiere of the horror film “Suspiria,” directed by Luke Guadagnino. One of the main roles in the project takes the British actress Tilda Swinton. Among her colleagues in the credits is the newcomer in the film industry Lutz Ebersdorf (Ebersdorf Lutz). At a press conference at the Venice film festival, he spoke to the media. Then the fans Tilde said that the role of Lutz probably played it. The Director of the film denied this.

In the end, Tilda admitted that she and Lutz are one and the same person. Skillful make-up artists turned 57-year-old actress in a decrepit old man. It turns out that the Director asked Tilda to play not just the doctor, and the actor to play the doctor.

Tilda Swinton is a master of disguise. Of course, fans expect a “trick” and carefully looked at the faces of the characters in the film about a German ballet school, which was chosen for its Sabbath are the real witches.

In particular, questions arose to the Ebersdorf Lutz, who plays the old Dr. Klemperer. 82-year-old didn’t fit the role of a novice in the world of cinema. However, the Director stated that any suspicion that both of the character is a Tilde, are groundless.

Today, October 12, Tilda gave an interview which also raised the question of its participation in the film “Suspiria”. The actress responded to a provocative question about the identity of Lutz:

“If you ask me, who plays Dr. Klemperer, I will always answer – Lutz Ebersdorf. But the Lutz I play”.

Tilda loves this kind of surprises. Perhaps the Director intentionally concealed this information in order to raise the degree of attention to the presentation.

Notably, the portal IMdB has a page of Lutz. It says that he was born 15 Feb 1936 in Munich. “Suspiria” is his first attempt as an actor.

At the moment, there is no reason not to trust the words Tilde. In all likelihood, the actress really did in picture two female and one male role.

In order to turn into 82-year-old Dr. Joseph Kemmerer, the actress had to wear dentures, dentures and not even a real penis. In addition she is long practiced gait of an old man.

Mark Kuller, who worked with the actress in the framework of the project “Grand Budapest,” spoke about how welwel neck Tilde. He even managed to change the geometry of the face of the actress, to make a more powerful jaw, increase cheeks.

Before each day of filming Tilde makeup more than 4 hours. Despite all these difficulties, the actress is happy with the result.

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