Shortness of breath and intoxication: doctors have described the symptoms of the deadly coronavirus

The situation with the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV causes more fear in the world. Yesterday, the world health organization (who) gathered in Brussels, the Committee of emergency situations to assess the situation. The problem is that the virus was able to spread from person to person and has already left the borders of China.

Одышка и интоксикация: врачи рассказали о симптомах смертельного коронавируса

Can the deadly disease be spread in Russia? Should we be worried? What tests to take and what symptoms should worry? This browser “MK” told the experts.

As reported “MK”, leading researcher of the Institute of Virology. Ivanovsky, Professor Nikolai Malyshev, there are no reasons for panic among Russians today is not.

— If the coronavirus is quite specific clinic: severe intoxication, shortness of breath because of damage to lung tissue and the rapid development of pneumonia, with bilateral. Any other viral disease is not likely. I seriously doubt that the new coronavirus could get to us. In addition, we have increased control over migration flows and in the airports and on shaputka. If you remember, when there was an outbreak of SARS coronavirus (SARS), we had only one case of importation, the far East, and that it is not completely accurate.

— However, the virus is not passed from person to person — unlike the new virus 2019-nCoV…

— Indeed, recorded isolated cases of transmission of the new coronavirus from person to person but only through close contact. Ill only physicians who meet the first infection from the open chest. The rest have been in contact with an infected person the virus is not diagnosed, which suggests that he has a high contagionist, that is not spreading rapidly, such as measles or chickenpox. But scientists continue to study it. Today already decoded its genome. And despite the fact that it is transmitted from person to person, it is still not fully adapted to such transmission. A group of people can prokonsultirovat with the source of infection — and no one can not get sick.

This year many people complain of a lingering respiratory infection — symptoms persist for weeks. What could it be?

Every year we are one and the same. This season a lot of the adenovirus and the disease caused by them may take time to flow several times to escalate: like the already ill, and starts again on the new. I myself, much as I prepared, it lasted the whole month of December. There are more than two hundred different viruses that cause respiratory infections. Not to mention bacterial infections. If you are too worried, you can contact the clinic of the Institute of Virology at the base of the 1st municipal infectious diseases hospital and to pass the tests. Or to the Central Institute of epidemiology, where you examine with reliable precision. Competent professionals on the basis of the symptoms can with a high degree of certainty to establish what kind of virus you have. But when new viruses appear, quick enough to appear and diagnostics.

As told “MK” the doctor-the expert of the Center of molecular diagnostics TSNII of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Mikhail Lebedev, in any respiratory manifestations need to go to the doctor and if necessary he will prescribe the correct diagnosis.

Today is the most effective and rapid method of diagnosis is by molecular genetic method of PCR (polymerase chain reaction). Is taken from the patient biological material (swabs from the oral cavity, nasopharynx, sputum), where it is possible to detect the accumulation of viruses and sent to the study. The method allows to detect the pathogen within a few hours. In clinics it is prescribed rarely, you need to contact specialized laboratories.

— What do you think about rapid tests for the flu in the form of strips, which give immediate result?

— Yes, such tests exist today, but who has long been noted that the rapid tests have very low sensitivity, and if positive response is still possible to trust, then a false negative they give quite often. In addition, the flu is not so difficult to diagnose the symptoms. By and large, to laboratory diagnostics rapid tests are not, and I would not recommend it. A reliable answer today gives only PCR-based diagnostics, including influenza. Often patients identify several types of pathogens in one sample.

— When the patient is need of such diagnosis? What symptoms should cause concern?

— First, if there is a question, the flu or not the flu. Specific antiviral treatment is today only the flu. For all other SARS it is not developed, and have either symptomatic treatment or just time. In some cases, it is important to understand, you have a rhinovirus or adenovirus — they can vary according to the forecast. But again this is decided by the doctor. Adenoviruses are generally good. But there are people who are not very desirable by them to be ill or who may need long-term observation.

…Meanwhile today many are concerned how to identify the new coronavirus? While such tests in Russia, although it said yesterday that they supposedly already created (on the basis of the same PCR). In the near future they will appear in the laboratories of the country.

Meanwhile, infectious disease specialists suggest to those who came from China, especially from the city of Wuhan, which recorded the most cases, to monitor their condition. With the appearance of fever, cough and symptoms of intoxication call for a doctor immediately. The incubation period of the new virus is not yet known.


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