Not yet flashed: Russia has withdrawn nearly 100,000 “Toyota” and “Lexus”

Пока не полыхнуло: в России отзывают почти 100 000 "Тойот" и "Лексусов"

Toyota and Lexus have begun in Russia large-scale revocable campaign that will affect tens of thousands of SUV and both brands. But the reason for revocation of the fire.

Rosstandart announced the approval of a voluntary recall of 82 641 Toyota vehicles (model Highlander, Land Cruiser Prado and RAV 4) and Lexus (RX 200T, RX350, RX 450H). Subject to recall cars, realized in Russia from December 2015 onwards.

And broke out the whole story of the banal, seemingly, heated washer nozzles windshield. It is only at first glance. It turned out that because of the peculiarities of the gasket that holds the heater inside the nozzle, “there is a probability of formation of a gap between the seal and the injector body, which over time can lead to cracks in the heater”. Information from Rosstandart States that “when this situation occurs, water with anti-ice reagents can penetrate the heating element and cause it to short circuit and overheat and in the worst case, a fire.”

During revocable campaign on vehicles will be performed the replacement of the injectors windshield washer on upgraded. All work will be performed at no charge to owners.

Official representatives of OOO “TOYOTA MOTOR” will inform owners of vehicles covered by the recall by sending letters and/or phone about the need to deliver the vehicle to the nearest dealership for repairs.

At the same time, the owners can own, without waiting for the messages to an authorized dealer to determine whether their vehicle is under recall. To do this you must match VIN code for your car with attached list or use the interactive search (

In addition, learn about the presence of a vehicle in a revocable programme with a special service on the website (project of Yandex). Baseline information for this service is passed to a under the relevant agreement.


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