What foods can cause cancer and arthritis?

The cause of as cancer and arthritis is a chronic inflammation. It is proved that the number of products that we used to add to your daily diet can cause inflammation in the organs. Therefore, if you value your health, you should limit the consumption of certain food items – reports

Not always a disease of the joints like arthritis, leads to the development of cancer. Nor can we say that the improper diet is a main factor of developing this disease. But scientific studies show that people who suffer from joint inflammation, the chance of developing blood cancer or lymphoma increases significantly.

So, what should be excluded from your diet, not to be at risk? To the category of so-called dangerous products that contribute to the development of cancer and arthritis, are all affected by the treatment of meat products, namely sausage, salami, bacon, smoked. These products bear double the risk of the emergence and development of such serious diseases as cancer and arthritis. Saturated fat contained in the products listed above that can cause inflammation and preservative nitrates and nitrites lead to cancers in the body.

In addition, should not be abused refined carbohydrates, namely white bread and confectionery, which can improve blood sugar levels and cause inflammation. Besides, various pastries and semi-finished products, manufactured industrially, are a source of TRANS fats, which are also considered extremely harmful to human health.

Eating large amounts of sugar, you dramatically increase the level of glycation end products in the bloodstream. Such a reaction in the body occurs by the interaction of sugar with protein or fat. No wonder sugar is in common referred to as “white poison”. An excessive amount of it in the human body leads to premature aging, diabetes, and heart disease. The same goes for salt. But this does not mean that salt is necessary to exclude completely from the diet. Simply to limit consumption, because in limited quantities, it still benefits the body. And here its surplus can cause serious health problems.


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