Windows better protected against viruses than macOS

Windows оказалась лучше защищена от вирусов, чем macOS

Company Malwarebytes has released a report on security threats for computers. As it turned out, the Windows operating system is better protected against viruses than macOS.

It is reported that the number of virus threats for Apple computers increased by 400% in 2019. Analysts have accompanied his colorful numbers explanation: each computer running macOS had 11 threats. As for the Windows PC, the rate is equal to 5.8.

Malwarebytes experts took into account not only the viruses, as such, but malware — “ransomware”, data collectors, etc.

The report also indicated that the Mac OS more often than PC owners on Windows, ignore the potential to infect your computer with viruses. People just rely on the built-in protection systems.

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