“The snake is a mutant with the head of a Dolphin” – on a Mexican beach threw a mysterious monster

In Mexico, local residents discovered on the coast of the Pacific ocean, a magnificent creature washed up on shore. In terms of structure, the shape of the body and head, was found a corpse are not similar to any of the known inhabitants of the deep sea. Dolphin animal has the head and body of a snake.

An unidentified creature discovered on the Mexican coast of the Pacific ocean, struck the eyewitnesses awesome shape and body structure. The animal completely devoid of organs of sight, the body looks more like a snake, and his head has a huge resemblance with a Dolphin head with large sharp teeth. It is reported portal Documental Nayarit in Facebook.

The publication notes that the corpse of a mysterious animal has washed ashore, shocked local residents. Seeing it from a distant, they were sure that on the shore threw a Dolphin, but coming closer, was scared of what he saw, because the creature was not a Dolphin.

Despite the fact that the shape of the head of the creature and the characteristic bottle-like nose and really a very similar body structure hitherto unknown of the “monster” is completely different from Dolphin and more like a body of a huge snake or Moray.

Netizens who saw the photos of the monster was shocked dumped on the land “monster”. Some drew attention to the fact that the animal has no eyes, suggesting that vision is not due to the fact that, in all probability, the habitat of the creatures was in the vast depths, closer to the ocean floor where never sunlight.

Local fishermen admitted that for all life have not seen such a strange animal. They suggested that most likely, this “monster” could dwell near the resort town of Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco on the Pacific coast of Mexico, where located the areas, depth of which exceeds 1 km.


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