Loginov has won “gold” at the world Cup biathlon and enraged brothers BAA

Alexander Loginov interrupted time team Norway biathlon world Championships, winning the sprint race. After the triumph in the address of Russians poured a lot of criticism from detractors who reminded him of doping past.

Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov has won the first “gold” for our national team at the world Championships, which this year takes Italian Antholz, showing the best result in the sprint race. The leader of the Russian team completed a 10-kilometer distance in 22 minutes, 48.1 seconds, hitting all 10 targets, according to Russian Dialogue.

The silver award was won by the representative of France’s Quentin Fillon maillet, who, with one penalty behind the Russians in 6.5 seconds.

Firing purely the leader of the overall world Cup Martin Fourcade legs looked super-fast and gave the leader of 19.5 seconds.

Triumph Loginova interrupted antirecords series in the Russian team, which consisted of 28 consecutive races without medals at the world Cup.

However, not everyone was delighted with the victory of the Russian biathlete. So, brothers BAA, representing the national team of Norway, refused to consider the winner Loginova, Recalling his three-year suspension for violating anti-doping rules.

“The Russian doingit deprived me of a bronze,” said tarjei boe who finished the race in fourth place.

The Norwegian biathletes have joined the Swede Sebastian Samuelsson, who said that not even think to congratulate Loginova with a gold medal.

As for the other members of the national team of Russia, Matvey Eliseev won the sprint race in 12th place, Nikita Porshnev finished 21-m, and Eugene Garanichev – 56-M.

On Sunday the program of the biathlon world Championships continue with the pursuit races in women and men.


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