In China noticed the cat in a medical mask with slits for eyes

In a network there were photos from China depicting cat, strolling with his mistress in the streets of the city. Apparently, the girl really cares about your pet, as special attention from the fact that the cat is wearing a surgical mask with slits for eyes — obviously to protect the animal from the deadly virus.

LADbible reportsthat it is not known who was the author of these photos and initially filled it to the network. Despite the fact that such protection for Pets is absolutely useless, at least the cat looks cute and very funny.

Earlier, the world health organization (who) reported that animals can not be infected with the novel coronavirus. Owners can be rest assured that their Pets are safe. Before in China spread rumors that animals can be infected with a coronavirus. This caused panic among local residents, some of whom began to drop animals off roofs.

By the way, face masks are ineffective to protect against the virus — especially for the cat. Medical masks are not dense, they don’t close my eyes (coronavirus transmitted through the mucous membranes), and, moreover, is ephemeral.

“In one well-controlled study in a hospital face mask was also good in the prevention of influenza infection, like an artificial respirator.”- said Jonathan ball, Professor of molecular Virology at the University of Nottingham. “However, when you go to studies investigating their effectiveness for the General population, the data are less convincing – it is difficult to maintain the mask for long periods of time.”

In conclusion, we can say that the practice and studies show the futility of protective masks for Pets.

There are other preventive measures that will supposedly help to protect against coronavirus. Such methods are not scientifically justified, and include the use of garlic, rinsing the mouth and washing the nose with saline. In order to minimize the chances of infection, health service gives a more rational recommendations: regularly and thoroughly wash hands, avoid touching your eyes and nose, as well as lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


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