For a family in Florida was attacked by an otter. She could be rabid

Kasina Evert saved her daughter Gwyn and their French bulldog Scooter from otters who broke into their home in Lakeland, Florida and attacked the girl and pet.

Mom saved her daughter and the dog from a potentially rabid otter that got into their house and attacked the occupants of the house. Kasina Evert immediately began to act when he heard a noise on the porch of her home in Lakeland, Florida.

She found that her daughter Gwynn (17) and pet of the family – French bulldog Scooter – face-to-face to mammals. Gwyn tried to expel the otter, but it didn’t work. The animal rushed in and grappled with the dog.

Kasina told Wistv news channel: “I grabbed her by the tail, and then held her as the prize. The otter had gone crazy. She tried to grab me with his claws and grabbed the furniture in the house”.

Kasina opened the door and threw the otter into the street.

Only then she saw that the otter had to bite her daughter in the leg. The mother immediately took her daughter to the hospital, where she was given an injection against rabies. Although the Scooter was vaccinated against rabies a few days before the attack, he was placed in quarantine as a precaution.

'I SURVIVED OTTER CHAOS 2020': A Lakeland family will always remember the morning an otter attacked. Casina Ewert says she was forced to tackle it and hold it up by the tail like a prize.

Geplaatst door WFLA News Channel 8 op Vrijdag 7 februari 2020

Brave mother downplays his role in the incident. “Actually no there is nothing heroic. I just didn’t think. Just jumped on the otter,”she said.

Although it was unclear whether rabies at an otter, because she is still at large, experts claim that her behavior was not normal. Dustin Hooper, owner of All Creatures Wildlife Control, said that the otters stay away from the coast and attacking the person assumes that something is “wrong”.

The staff of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission set traps to catch the otter. It is reported that the Agency received the news of the attack aggressive otter on another dog.


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