What is the use of cocoa for our body?

Experts from the United States in recent study concluded that three cups of cocoa a day improves circulation in the legs, vascular condition and function of the calf muscles. The study is published in the journal Circulation Research – reports

The experiment involved 44 patients older than 60 years who suffer from peripheral artery disease, which leads to circulation disorders in the lower extremities. And it becomes a cause of frequent pain, cramps, stiffness, numbness, and pain while walking.

At the time of the study the subjects were divided into two groups. Volunteers from the first group drank three cups of hot cocoa with milk every day, the second group received a placebo. It should be noted that for the preparation of the beverage used cocoa powder, not containing sugar, but rich in flavonoids, which are known to possess strong antioxidant properties.

After participants in both groups took the test at walking speed. The first group demonstrated significantly better results. In the first six minutes of time they could go the distance is nearly 43 meters more than before the start of the experiment. But the participants of the second group showed the result of 24 meters less than the first group.


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