Eggplant as mushrooms for the winter — the best recipes with photos, fast and delicious

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

It is already September! The beds in the garden are slowly emptying. The harvest is almost all assembled, but the eggplant still hanging on the bushes very green and pleasing with their firm glossy fruit. And would be happy, but the nights are becoming cooler, the days dojdlivoe. The sun is hiding somewhere behind the clouds. So it’s time to gather those veggies.

Of course cook them something delicious, such as saute or tasty bake in the oven. But all at once not to eat. Therefore, the remaining vegetables we harvested in the winter. And prepare today a delicious appetizer called “Eggplant, like mushrooms”.

Can’t say with absolute certainty where the name came from. Only know that so prepared this winter salad, or appetizer (who both calls) for quite some time. So one of my recipes in this subject for over 30 years. He came to me so long ago that it seems that he is from some other my life. Today, I will share it definitely.

Generally, these salads are distinguishable in the fact that cooking them is not difficult. On the other blanks of the “Blues”, so affectionately called eggplant, spent a much longer time. One SOT is worth every piece need to separately fry in oil. Then prepare to fill all shift layers… well, a long labor.

Either requires a large amount of other ingredients, mainly vegetables, which are long-term heat treatment. So prepared a salad and the famous eggplant caviar.

Today, proposed methods are characterized in that when making salads, mostly, except for eggplants and onions, of vegetables nothing more is added. We have a collection of this recipe is in the first place. It is the most popular and frequently encountered. It can even be called a classic.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

But I will share with You and other recipes where the ingredients will be present Bulgarian pepper and even mayonnaise. These options are also very good. If you love “blue”, you can cook them in different ways. Even though they all have the same name, but the taste of all of them is different, not like any other.

Eggplant, like mushrooms — the best quick and tasty recipe for winter

This recipe is the simplest of all today choices. It differs from other that you can make it a salad can be quite fast. But he always turns out delicious and is never left for the next period. That is why, it is the most popular of all other salads in this category.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

The ingredients are also simple. Mostly eggplant, garlic, fresh herbs and spicy Cayenne pepper which is added as desired.

We will need:

  • eggplants — 1.5 kg
  • garlic — 2 heads
  • dill — 1 bunch
  • spicy Cayenne pepper — to taste and desire
  • vegetable oil — 80 ml
  • vinegar 9% — 70 gr
  • salt is 1.5 tablespoons


1. Eggplant wash and cut the stem. Then chop them in large cubes, or ask them slightly elongated shape. By and large, it does not matter how we cut — you can cut cubes, slices as you want.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

2. In a large saucepan pour the water so that its volume was about half capacity. Put it on the fire and cover with a lid, so she quickly began to boil.

3. Drop into boiling water sliced eggplant. Boiling for a while will stop, but it quickly resumed, you can cover the pan with a lid, leaving a small opening on top to come out steam.

Once the water again boils, the lid should be removed.

4. Cook slices 5 minutes. During this time periodically move the contents from top to bottom. The fact that the fruits are very light, and they will immediately rise to the surface. And if the bottom pieces are going to be, the upper will lie on the bottom with little or no water. But it is important to cook them all evenly. Therefore, it is necessary to move them lightly, or figuratively speaking “bathe” in boiling water.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

5. During boiling the water will begin to slightly darken, the skin of the fruit will give her a dark color. Along with colour of skin and pulp come out even, and bitterness. As you know, eggplants have a slight bitterness, which can prevent the gustatory perception of food in General. And so they are either boiled, or sprinkled with salt, and give a little stand. Then it is washed.

Also in the process of cooking, the pieces will become as it were translucent, this is especially good to be seen in the flesh. When you have achieved this state, we can assume that they are ready and you can drain the water.

Better to drain it through a colander. Then give a little to stand up to merged and all residues.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

6. Meanwhile, prepare the filling. For this you need to chop the dill and mince the garlic. Garlic is better to cut, but do not push through the press. As such, the snack would look better. But need to cut it finely so he could give all your juice to the eggplant. And it is important that the Bank has begun the process of fermentation. The sterilization time will be quite small.

7. If you love snacks more spicy, add chopped slices of spicy peppers. It is better that the pod was red. It’s a little bit, but will add bright colors to the overall picture.

The amount of pepper can be adjusted. Some special dosages do not exist. It all depends on taste preferences and the acuity of the product.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно8. Add the vegetable oil without the smell, vinegar and salt. Mix well.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

9. Spread the eggplant from the colander into a large bowl or basin. Add to it the dressing and mix well. Not to spoil the appearance of the snack, you can stir the contents by hand. Or use a plastic spoon or a spatula.

But in any case, stir carefully so as not to turn the contents to mush.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

10. Leave for a while to let the ingredients soak in the juices of each other.

11. Meanwhile, wash and sterilize jars and lids. For a given amount of ingredients we will need 3 half litre capacity. Flip the jars upside down to drain the water.

12. Then again stir the contents of the pelvis and to sort out the banks. Try to spread out so that the inside was not formed air sinuses, that is pretty tight. This content can be lightly pressed with a spoon.

If you still holed up somewhere, a bubble of air, then push this place the handle of a tablespoon. The bubble will immediately jump out.

13. To cover filled jars.

14. Pour into a large pan of warm water right from the tap. At the bottom lay a napkin and put it in the banks.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

The water should reach shoulder of the jar. If you pour it more than you need when boiling it will spill and can get under the cap. If the water is less than expected, it will be sterilized, only the lower part of the banks, and the top starter will remain raw. What can cause fermentation processes. As a result, to raise the lid. Such preservation will be impossible to eat.

Turn on the gas, and wait until the water boils. From this point you need to note the time. For sterilization, we will need 25 — 30 minutes, this is for half liter cans. From the moment of boiling the lid is already open it will be impossible. If that happened to happen at one point, the Bank will have to sterilize again.

I’ve seen recipes where it is proposed to sterilize liter jars for 15 minutes. I think that’s not enough time. Eggplants are very delicate product, and billet, the past sterilization needs quite often “explode”. Just this year my brother lost 10 cans of SOT, because he decided to sterilize them for 15 minutes.

If “blue” at least we boiled, the composition of we have raw garlic and dill. Does he have time to warm up and steam for about 15 minutes. I’m always in such cases are insured and sterilized longer. That is, this type of lettuce is 25 — 30 minutes for half a liter cans.

Accordingly, 650, 750 gram cans should be sterilized for 40 — 45 minutes, liter — 1 hour.

By the way, on the quality of the salad is not reflected. Digested it becomes.

15. Banks get one and tighten the lid with the sealing machines. Then filled and spun the capacity to turn and put upside down. Carefully wrap a blanket, rug, or anything, but definitely warm.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

Leave in this position for a day. If the preservation of covered well, even through the day it will still be warm. And it’s good! During this period, the process of sterilization and pickling.

16. When banks are completely cool they can flip to normal position. Then put away in a dark, cool place for storage.

Typically such preform very well! And when you open the jar for the holiday, or just for dinner, the contents are always happy with their amazing taste.

Eggplant as mushrooms — recipe “yum” without sterilization

This recipe is in my piggy Bank a place of honor for 30 years probably. He appeared in my notebook of recipes when I started to experiment with the presets. Already even I do not remember who shared it with me. But nevertheless, the recipe caught on, and I harvested the eggplant so to this day.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

A distinctive feature of this recipe is that preparing it in the oven, and as it is not sterilized. But this is probably not a true statement. More correct would be to assume that in preparation for it, and sterilized. That is, both processes occur simultaneously.

We will need:

  • eggplant — 2.5 kg
  • onions — 1 kg
  • bell pepper — 700 — 750 g
  • garlic — 1 head
  • dill — 2 beam
  • vegetable oil — 250 ml ( 1 Cup)
  • salt — to taste
  • ground black pepper — to taste
  • vinegar essence — 1 tsp


1. Eggplant wash and cut the stem. Leave them in whole.

2. In a large pot with water, about half and boil. Add salt, boiling water should be cool salty. To upload a batch of eggplant in General. They will conjure up. But do not worry, close the pan with a lid and they will not only be boiled, but steamed.

Time soak them in hot water is 5 minutes. No longer keep, or they will become too soft. During these 5 minutes, again mix them with a slotted spoon to the boil for both top and bottom. Although, of course, to roll over they do not want. The bottom is already saturated with water and became heavy and the top was without water, so easy. Therefore, the need to close the vegetables cover.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

3. When the clock runs out, immediately get “little blue”. Try not to linger so as not to overcook the vegetables. If they are digested, when you lie down — will shrivel. And to cut them will be very difficult. Put in a bowl or on a tray and allow to cool. Meanwhile, put in a pan the next batch.

4. In the intervals while we remained idle, you can clean the garlic and chop the dill. The coarse stems of the dill should be cut, only need soft twigs. If coarse stems predominate, then take the other half of the beam, so that it was enough. In any case, it will not be superfluous.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно5. Bulgarian pepper clear from the stalk and from seed. Color you can use any, but if you take a bright yellow and red vegetables, the salad will look more fun and much more positive.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

The peppers should be cut into sticks. To do this, cut it lengthwise into 4 pieces and then crosswise into strips having a thickness of more than 0.5 cm

6. Onion cut into half rings, as thin as possible.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

7. When the eggplant is completely cool they should also be cut. Do not worry that their skin is sometimes covered with a white coating. It’s salt. Cutting vegetables can be arbitrarily. If they are not very large in size, you can cut them into 6 — 8 pieces. If they are larger, then cut slices, about 3 cm long and 1.5 — 2 wide.

8. Chopped vegetables put in a bowl, add bell pepper, garlic and dill. Mix well. Better hands. And pepper to taste. Salt, as a rule, should be sufficient. But if you think that is not enough, then add a little bit. And to learn, we need salt or not, try a slice of eggplant.

Again gently mix to bulk the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the mass.

9. And only after that pour the oil and vinegar. Then stir again. Leave for 20 — 30 minutes so all ingredients are dispersed.

10. Wash and sterilize jars and lids. Eggplant is quite capricious in conservation, and therefore it is better to use a metal cover for rolling machine.

11. To fill the jars prepared for a mass. Try the liquid to distribute evenly in all the jars. Cans will need to prepare about 5 — 6 pieces half a liter.

12. Put filled and covered with lids jars into the oven and set the temperature to 140 — 150 degrees. Leave the jar in the oven for 1 hour. This time of preparation and sterilization at the same time.

13. To get the workpiece should be in the special kitchen gloves, very carefully, one at a time. And then replace the cap with the sealing machines. You can also use samosogrevaetsya cover. But safer still would be the first option, especially when you store preservation in the apartment.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

14. Banks with the contents of the flip, put on the lid. Cover with something warm and leave in this position for a day, maybe more.

Then, turn in their usual position. Store in a cool dark place.

Eggplant for the winter, like mushrooms — video recipe

For this recipe, the salad can be made a little longer than normal, but it turns out it is very tasty. Therefore, you should spend the time to cook it.

Self cooking is in normal mode and takes practically the same amount of time as in the other embodiments. But in this case, it takes time to draw. And the author of the recipe suggests for that two days.

That’s it for so many days and increase the time of cooking.

I liked this recipe not just because of the taste, but also due to the fact that it turns out he is very bright and beautiful. It came all the colors of autumn. Opening a jar of salad in the winter, we will please yourself and your loved ones not only its characteristics, but also appreciate and appearance.

Eggplant fried like mushrooms, in the winter with mayonnaise and mushroom seasoning

This salad you can cook and eat and can prepare it for the winter. It turns out it’s very nutritious and hearty, because in its composition contains mayonnaise. Besides, all the basic ingredients are fried in vegetable oil.

But despite its nutritional value, this salad has a lot of fans, so we’ll give him some attention.

We will need:

  • eggplant — 2.5 kg
  • onion — 750 g
  • mayonnaise — 400 g
  • mushroom seasoning — half tutus
  • vegetable oil for frying


To prepare the salad, you can use a large eggplant.

1. It should be washed, cut off the stalk and peel. Then cut into cubes with sides not exceeding 2 cm.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно2. Add all the chopped pieces in a large pot and cover them with cold water. Put on fire and bring to boil. Cook while stirring 7 to 10 minutes.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

If the pan is small amount, or You want to prepare the workpiece in doubling the size, it is possible to cook in two pots. Or just one, but two parties.

There are also ways in which vegetables fall immediately in boiling water. This method was already described in the previous recipes, and I decided to change it. Although in this recipe it can also be used.

3. Ready eggplant to give the lie another 3 — 4 minutes in boiling water, then put them in a colander and drain off all the water.

4. And while that’s happening, peel and chop the onion half rings. Try to cut it thinner, so that it is not subsequently crunched on the teeth. Many don’t like it.

5. In a large pan pour a little vegetable oil, about 4 — 5 tablespoons, can be slightly more if you add in meals a lot of oil. To let it warm up and put in pan with onions. Fry it on high heat until tender.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

Readiness is determined by the fact that onions have softened, reduced in size almost two times or even more and became translucent. It does not have to allow it to romanise. The color of the salad due to the presence of Mayo will turn out in white. Don’t need to bow stood out for his “caught fire”.

And to obtain this condition the bow will need to be on fire about 10 minutes. During this time often need to interfere. Especially when it is almost ready.

6. Ready onions put in a large pot or bowl, that is where we will gather all of the ingredients for the salad.

7. The pan do not need to wash, pour a bit of oil, about three tablespoons, give him warm. Put the eggplant, which by that time had glasses all water. Fry them on medium heat while stirring for 10 minutes. They also, like onion must not be unduly rumanetsa.

If all the eggplants in the pan don’t fit, then fry them in separate batches.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

8. Fried thus “blue” to put to the onions. Mix well.

9. Can I just add Mayo and it will be today all the ingredients. But we decided to create a mushroom flavor, so add the mushroom seasoning. We need just half of the pack. Is a seasoning you can use cubes of Maggi with mushroom flavor.

The contents of half a pack just pour in the mixture. If using a cube, it must first get a good crumble.

You can also use your homemade dried mushroom mixture. But it must be prepared in advance. I always have this powder. When we go for mushrooms, some of them certainly dry. This so-called substandard: very large mushrooms, separate the legs, or hats, just clumsy copies.

After drying, I grind the mushrooms into powder, and add them to various dishes. This mushroom Supplement enriches any cooked with her dish.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

As You can see, the salt in the recipe we use. Seasoning, and mayonnaise and without salt. And as a rule, salt is not necessary at all. But, if you like salads go for the gusto, you can add a little ground black pepper.

10. Mass, mix gently. Then add the mayonnaise. Try to take it with all natural ingredients without any GMOs and other harmful food additives.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

Or prepare the mayonnaise yourself.

11. Once again, this time is the last, mix well and put into sterilized jars. You should get about 5 half liter bottles. I will a little bit to try.

To put weight you tightly, leaving no air bubbles inside. To do this, lightly press the contents with a spoon.

12. Pour into a large pan of warm water, the bottom covered with a napkin. To put the banks into the water, it should reach exactly to their hangers. Cover caps are also sterilised. Bring water to a boil.

13. Sterilize floors-liter cans should be 30 minutes, if the banks 650 gram, 40 — 45 minutes. But if l, then exactly 1 hour.

14. Tighten the lid with the sealing machines. Banks to turn, putting them upside down and cover with a warm blanket. Leave in this position until the contents are completely cooled. This is at least a day.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

Then store in a cool dark place.

Serve as a salad or as an appetizer to every lunch or dinner and entertain guests at the holiday table.

Баклажаны как грибы на зиму — лучшие рецепты с фото, быстро и вкусно

Here we are today varied was the recipes. Sometimes I ask — ” is it true that the taste of the eggplant turns like a mushroom?” Maybe I have a little angry, but the taste is not the same as that of canned mushrooms. And not even as good as salted mushrooms. It is possible that the name of the snack was due to the preparation method, which is a bit similar and in fact, in both cases.

But also I can be happy. The taste of these salads is simply incredible. And absolutely not for nothing that they belong to the category of food, “yum”.

So be sure to prepare at least a few jars. Winter will delight yourself and your family such a wonderful gift of autumn. And I’m sure next year You will come back to this recipe, and to prepare a yummy, more, and even in different variants.

Excellent and tasty pieces and Bon appetit!

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