Failure favorite: why did the Democrats lose the Trump

Провал фаворита: почему демократы проигрывают ТрампуThe speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi did not rule out re-election Donald trump for a second term because of the lack of unity in the ranks of the Democratic party. Opponents of the incumbent President are experiencing difficulties due to the strengthening of the positions of the “left” in the party and the failure of his favorite Joe Biden in the primaries. As the split prevents the Democrats to win trump, says “Газета.Ru”.

The speaker of the us house of representatives Nancy Pelosi urged Democratic party to unite to defeat the President of the United States Donald trump on presidential elections in the fall of 2020. According to her, she can’t imagine him re-election for a second term, but does not exclude anything.

“I can’t imagine a situation in which he would have been reelected, but if we’re not unified, then nothing can be guaranteed.

We are fully aware that we offer a better future for US and we must apply the election defeat to Donald Trump, who does not share this vision of the future that unites the country”, — quotes the words of Pelosi CNN.

The applicants for the post of the presidential candidate of the Democrats made an important contribution to “the vision of our future”, added the speaker of the house of representatives, their ideas will have an impact on the policies of the Democrats. Speaking of crushing defeat, ex-runner, former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden at the Caucus in Iowa and primaries in new Hampshire, Pelosi urged not to drop off.

“Ahead of the stages of the election campaign, which to a greater extent will reflect the mood of the country”, — said the speaker of the lower house of Congress.

In addition, Pelosi drew attention to the failure of trump’s impeachment in the Senate. In her opinion, the President of the United States “never make excuses”.

“The President could seek justification in the Senate, Republican members who did not have the courage to abide by his oath to them in the inauguration, but the President can never be justified”, — said the Chairman of the house of representatives.

The leftward

Pelosi not accidentally urged Democrats to unity — lately in the party and though there are certain divisions. The results of the first pre-election Caucus in Iowa and primaries in new Hampshire showed a separation on the political orientation of the candidates.

Thus, the results of both polls revealed the two leaders — a Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders and former mayor of South Bend Pete Buttidzhich. In Iowa, the former mayor, gaining 26.2% of the votes. And the second position is occupied by Sanders with a score of 26.1 per cent. In new Hampshire Senator has performed better than his opponent and took the first position with 25.7% of votes, second place went to Buttidzhichem — 24.4 percent.

The first primaries are talking about strengthening the “left” and “moderate” wings of the party. In this case, Sanders is the first Buttidzhich second.

This separation has always existed in the Democratic party, but never left was not so popular, says “Газете.Ru” the Director of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt MSU Yuri Rogalev.

“Democrats often focused on the support of various movements, currents and minorities who feel discriminated against in society. So the left wing has always enjoyed support, but such a radical and popular it never was”, — said the expert.

The situation worsens due to the fact that currently the party has no platform, which could attract middle-income households, continued Rogulev. Instead of supporting the middle class, the Democrats turned their attention to other social groups.

However, initially “moderate” had significant support in the form of Biden — one of the main representatives of this wing of the party. Until the first Caucus in Iowa, former Vice President called a leading candidate for “the rival trump”.

Public opinion polls showed a big gap candidate from its competitors. According to the study by the Morning Consult, in late January, Biden got 28% at the national level, Sanders was behind him for 4%, and Buttidzhich and is gained only 6%.

However, the vote in Iowa threw the favorite of the race from the podium, Biden got the fourth place with 15.8% of the vote. Another failure of steel and the primaries in new Hamshire — 8.4% and only fifth place.

According to the Morning Consult poll of 12 February, at the national level, Biden received 19% — 10% less Sanders and 8% more Buttidzhichem. Thus the Democrats lost their single candidate who could unite the party.

Further division of the democratic party to “moderate” and “left” can stop her not only to win the trump, but in General, to resist the President in his re-election. So far, the only slogan under which the Democrats can unite, is a “tramp must go.”

A series of failures

The lack of agreement in the party, in fact, haunts the Democrats since the election trump President of the United States in 2016. His victory the representatives of the democratic party took it as a personal insult, but because the opposition of the head of state for them — a matter of principle.

A tough fight the democratic party, trump is now in its third year, but while the President’s opponents only lose their positions. The failure of Democrats accumulate like a snowball — the failure of an investigation of “collusion trump with Russia,” the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, the justification of the President in the case of impeachment.

Despite all their attempts to blame the President, according to Gallup, his approval rating rose to a historic high of 49%. In addition, 63% of Americans approved of the economic policies of the President, and the rating of the Republican party has reached 51% for the first time since 2005.

While support for the Democratic party, by contrast, declined from 48% to 45%. Moreover, 48% of Americans identificeret himself with the Republicans — against 44% share the position of the Democrats.

The Gallup survey also shows that 50% of respondents support the re-election trump for a second term. Vote for him on election finished 39% of the respondents, 36% of Americans are going to vote for the democratic candidate.

While it is quite difficult to predict who will be elected as the candidate of the democratic party at the summer Congress of the party. The most important question is: will he be able to unite Democrats around him.

The bet was originally made by Biden, who is still a chance to restore its position in the upcoming polls in Nevada and South Carolina on 22 and 29 February respectively. However, in the event of another failure it is unknown who will be the favorite is former Vice-President.

“If Biden loses in four States in a row, it probably will be possible to put a cross. He is experiencing difficulties with finances, and his team works so-so, so count on some take-off is hardly possible”, — said Yuri Rogulev.

Another candidate that could be for a single party, the Democrats have not yet, the expert said, different candidates are gaining 10-20% of the rating — there is no clear leader.


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