Scientists named the best age for sex

Contrary to popular perception, not all people have the memories of the most vivid sexual experience have not years of youth. It is reported by several media, citing scientists from the University of Minnesota and the State of new York University.

Ученые назвали лучший возраст для секса

Reports the study showed that people aged 50 to 60 years, remembering my best sex, most said it happened at the age of 46 years. Among younger respondents popular answer was 32 years of age.

Previously, some other experts have come to the conclusion that with age, the sex starts to bring more fun. In particular, it was stated by scientists from the University of Cleveland, clear about the definition that older women often get from sex is more fun than young. One possible explanation for this, according to the researchers, is a slightly different attitude Mature women for sex if young girls aren’t always ready to discuss certain problems in this sphere, with age they begin is much safer to treat this subject, and as a result, these problems without hesitation to discuss and decide.

There are even a number of versions that in old age the sex is good for health — in particular, enhances memory and protects against chronic diseases. However, studies on this topic do not allow to exclude the opposite relationship — that people who have retained good health in old age, therefore have more sex.


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