16 bombeznaya failures in supermarkets

Most of us almost never pays attention to what is happening in the supermarkets, but in vain. Usually we just go in the hall, quickly choose what you want to buy, and then go to the cashier. However still advise you to look not only at price tags, but or around them, because sometimes you can find real masterpieces.

Back to school.

The product contains peanuts.

Surprise her.

“All the best for your baby.”

Open 9 days a week.

“Buy a phone”, they said. “It floats!” — they said.

My doggie.

Toys 18+.

In fact, the watermelon looks that way.

Yeah, it would be nice to stock up before a picnic.

Completely ready meals.

Lemons: perfect for orange juice!

Innocent children, over 2 4 pounds.

The perfect gift for mother’s Day.

Entertainment fish.

“Attention! Cat milk is not something that you get when you milk the cats.”

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